Ryuusenkaku offers families an oasis from hectic daily life with all the comforts and charm of a traditional Japanese inn.
Whether it's the therapeutic benefits of a mineral bath or the culinary delights of Japanese cuisine, you will find complete relaxation and satisfaction during your stay.

  • The hot springs of the Arima Onsen have a high iron content that reacts with oxygen to give the mineral water a reddish brown called "red spa" or "golden springs" in Japanese. Children call it "miso soup" often. With its own natural hot spring, Ryuusenkaku provides the pure, untouched benefits of mineral springs for unmatched quality.
    The "golden springs" have also a high salt content that is effective to detoxify your body due to a good sweat when you take time for bathing. You feel your body as light as in sea water when you relax the muscles of your whole body in Ryuusenkaku's "golden springs". The "golden springs" is reported to be effective for 20 kinds of symptoms; such as stomach illnesses, gynecopathy, neuralgia, and muscles cramps, The "golden springs" have also carbonated water content that form bubbles on the surface like soda water.

  • As it flows naturally from the earth, the water of the mineral spring with its high iron and salt content changes to a copper tint and is reported to be effective for stomach illnesses, gynecopathy, neuralgia, and muscles cramps.
    The outdoor bath is open and can be used from 15:00 to 09:30.

  • In autumn many guests enjoy the comfort and relaxation of an open-air bath while looking at the vivid colors of the season. With Ryuusenkaku's hilltop location in the Arima Onsen area, the bathing experience is further enhanced at night with the night's clear starry sky and soft lights illuminating the beautiful natural surroundings.
    Our two outdoor baths, the Kaede and the Sakura, are naturally formed from rocks and can accommodate 5-6 people (30m2). Both have their own shower stalls, clothesbaskets, and baby beds. Please make reservations for these baths at the front desk.

  • *Hours of operation: 15:00-22:45, 07:00-09:45
    Rates: 2,000yen+tax per 45-minute session (starting on the hour)
    Reservations can be made on the same day at check-in. Please inquire at the front desk.

    *The key for the outdoor bath rental is kept at the front desk.
    *Remember that the outdoor bath utilizes an auto-lock system.
    *When finished, please return the key to the front desk.

    The indoor bath is open and can be used from 15:00 to 09:30.