We have made various services available so that parents of
small children can be assured of an enjoyable 'onsen' trip.

The Kid's Corner (Picture Book Corner) is a place where guests spending the evening at the inn can interact and relax.
From the conversations of small children playing together, a warm feeling develops that often results in their parents getting acquainted as well.
The Kid's Corner is open from 7:00 to 10:00 and 15:00 to 21:30.


Our indoor swimming pool (10m x 4m) is available for our guests all year round. The water temperature is adjusted in accordance with the season. Families and couples can enjoy the pool. In addition, bathing suits, bath towels, Swimming goggles, and flotation devices are available at the front desk for use free of charge. Swim pants for babies (sizes: 80, 90, and Large) can be purchased for 200 yen+tax at our Gift Shop. The pool is open from 7:00 to 9:30 and 15:00 to 21:30.

Inflatable floatation rings Inflatable floatation rings (children and adult sizes) are available for use in the pool when swimming with children. Contact the front desk for use.
Kick Boards Kick boards are available for elementary school aged children. Contact the front desk for use.
Arm Floatation Rings Swimming floatation arm rings for babies are available. Contact the front desk for use.
Bathing suits for Children Bathing suits for babies (infants) are sold in the gift shop. Unisex types are available in 3 sizes of 80, 90, and large. Each pair is 200 yen+tax.

For those traveling to an onsen resort, it is no exaggeration to say that the experience centers largely on the bath; however, for those burdened with bulky suitcases packed with children's bath accessories from home, the experience can be overwhelming. To those people we say, "Relax." At Ryuusenkaku, we have prepared all types of bath accessories imaginable, including baby soap and baby chairs, to make the bath experience for small children fun and anxiety-free. So, rest at ease and fully enjoy the experience of bathing together with your children knowing we have taken care of all your children's needs.

Children's Bathing Stool The indoor, outdoor, and private rental baths at Ryuusenkaku have all been furnished with baby chairs. Additional chairs are available free of charge for large numbers of children, so please consult the front desk when more chairs are needed.
Shampoo and Soap for Children Shampoo and soap made especially for children are available free of charge at the front desk along with special shampoo and soap for children afflicted with atopic dermatitis. Please feel free to ask the front desk for these for children with sensitive skin.
Toys for the Bath Bath toys for small children can be rented free of charge. We have numerous varieties of toys depicting animals such as chicks, crocodiles, dolphins, whales, turtles, and frogs for your children's enjoyment, so be sure to take your children by the front desk to select their favorite one.
Baby Chairs Baby baths for bathing infants are available free of charge and can be obtained from the front desk. These can be used in any of the baths at the inn including those in the guest rooms.
Baby Grooming Sets We have furnished baby grooming sets in the changing rooms of the indoor and outdoor baths. Set items include baby lotion, baby oil, baby cotton swabs, and cotton set. Please feel free to use these sets for providing care to babies.

We have a Baby Room with cheerful and bright atmosphere. Several items for baby milk and a baby bed are available for whole day and night. The Room is located next to 'Karaoke Room' upstairs of the Front Lobby. Please inquire at the front desk if necessary.

Sink Area The sink area is furnished with a hot water tap that dispenses water for milk formulas at 60℃, a disinfectant set for baby bottles, and detergent and brush for cleaning baby bottles. Since all items for preparing milk have been provided, guests need only bring their own baby bottles and powdered milk.
Baby bed Baby beds have been furnished with cute mobiles attached. The plastic bags next to the bed are for dirty diapers.
Microwave Oven The microwave oven next to the Picture Book Corner can be used to warm baby foods or sanitize baby milk bottles. We have placed plastic wrap nearby. Please feel free to use it. (Free of charge)

A "weaning ceremony" is available for celebrating the growth and health of children and celebratory cakes can be ordered for anniversary and congratulatory events to make your family excursion with your children enjoyable.
A popular children's course uses unpolished rice and baby food such as rice porridge. Dinner are served in the room and it is possible to eat without concerned for other guests of the inn. For guests with small children we have chairs with attached tables, dishes, and spoons for children, so please feel free to ask the room attendant when needed.

Cake Cakes are available for trips celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and similar events. Cakes topped with whipped cream or chocolate icings can be selected in 3 sizes.
No. 4 (3,000 yen +tax) ・・・recommended for couples.
No. 5 (4,000 yen +tax) ・・・recommended for families.
No. 6 (5,000 yen +tax) ・・・recommended for groups such as families traveling with grandparents.
For those guests with egg allergies, a whipped cream icing can be prepared without eggs. (Additional charge of 600 yen each)
At the time of order, please inform of congratulatory message to be written on cakes (up to 20 letters) and number of candles (up to 15 candles)
Please place order three days ahead of intended date of stay.
Infant Food We can arrange meals for infants. You can select from Okayu (rice porridge), Ojiya (Japanese risotto), or Udon (Japanese noodles) (600 yen+tax each). Please make your selection when making your room reservations. (This is not baby food for the weaning period.)
Ryuusenkaku Children's Course We have developed a new children's menu. The food eaten during infancy is extremely important and closely related to brain functions and growth. We have incorporated unpolished rice, which is considered good for one's health and cereals to our meals in devising a menu with high nutritional value that is outstanding effect on the brain.(3500 yen+tax)

Children 6 years and over are subject to overnight stay charge and a futon is provided. Also, for children 5 years and younger, we will prepare a futon when needed for an additional charge. (1 set 2,000 yen+tax)

Meals Srved in the Room Dinner will be served in your room. We can provide plates, utensils, and seats for the children, as well as disposable paper aprons. If you would like to use these items, please contact our staff. (Free of charge)
Chairs for Children Chairs for children are available for meals. Please inquire with the room attendant.
Apron for Children A disposable dining apron made of soft paper is available for children. Please inform the room attendant when needed.
Children's Slippers for Walking Indoors We have children's slippers with cartoon characters for indoor use. You can select the design of your choice.
Plates and Spoons Plates and spoons appropriate for children are available even for those children not charged for dinner. When sharing meals with children, please ask the room attendant for plates and spoons.
Baby Amenity Set For those guests accompanied by infants and making reservations from the Ryuusenkaku homepage by filling in all the blanks in the form for Baby Amenity Set, we will unfailingly give a present free of charge. This set includes a Ryuusenkaku gauze handkerchief, Ryuusekaku string-drawn money purse, and a children's toothbrush.
Trasf Bag for Dirty Diapers We have trash bags specifically designated for dirty diapers. You can leave these trash bags in a corner of your room at the time of your checkout.
Electric Pot An electric pot capable of reaching 70°C is available in each room. If your baby cries for warm milk, this pot is readily available. (Free of charge)

After taking a dip in the pool, how about enjoying Japanese-style karaoke? Since we have furnished toys, a bookcase filled with illustrated books, and even a baby bed in the tatami-floored karaoke room for your children's enjoyment, it is anxiety-free environment where small children will even fall asleep. In ordinary daily life, mothers cannot usually enjoy karaoke and be able to take care of their children at the same time.
Other activities include a game arcade corner, a billiards table and other playground equipment. By providing these activities, we hope that you will thoroughly enjoy yourselves on your family excursion and create a few precious memories.

Japanese Style 'Karaoke'Room The karaoke room is large enough for about 10 people (18 m2) and is equipped with a karaoke system featuring a dynamic 43-inch screen. The room is also equipped with a massage chair, baby bed, picture books, and toys for your family's added enjoyment. A selection of 100,000 songs from around the world is available including animated nursery songs for children to enjoy with their family. (2,500 yen/hour+tax).(税別)
"Nukumoriya" Penny Candy Store We thought it would be fun to create an old-fashioned penny candy shop where the family could gather for such exchanges as "In the old days, Papa used to play with this toy!" or "Momma used to eat these sweets when she was small" and so we opened a "Nukumoriya" Penny Candy Store. As a commemoration of the family vacation, families can slip back in time to the past to form a lasting bond between the past and the present. Be sure to enjoy this family trip back in time with your children.
Game Corner UFO Catcher and several other video games are provided for families to enjoy after taking a bath.
Children's Toilet There are a variety of toilet hassles on trips with small children, so we have installed a children's toilet in the restroom to the left of the Baby Room.
Strollers for Outdoor Use Two baby strollers for outdoor use are available for taking walks in the vicinity around the inn. The B type strollers can be used for children from 7 months to 4 years of age. Please inquiry at the front desk when needing the use of one.
Children's Yukata and 'Jimbei' To make your children's onsen trip more enjoyable, we have children's yukata (a Japanese style robe or cotton kimono). For active children we recommend the 'jimbei' type (kimono style pajamas). Both types are available in blue or pink.
Insect Collecting Equipment There are lots of natural surroundings in the Arima Onsen area. There are fireflies in the Arima River from the end of May to the end of June, along with rhinoceros and stag beetles in the area around Ryuusenkaku during the summer. For insect collecting, you can use our insect nets free of charge. Insect cages are available at our Gift Shop for 300 yen+tax. Please inquire at the front desk when you would like to use these items.
Lending thermometers,Fever Compress Sheets & Ice Packs Please inquire to the front desk, and we will bring a thermometer, fever compress sheet, or ice pack to you immediately.
Star Gazing The evening skies are crystal clear for watching the stars.Why don't you search for stars with your family?You can identify the name of each star by using our illustrated book of star constellations located in the Picture Book Corner.